We live in a world where your friend can become your biggest enemy within a second, in a world where hate is defeating love and fear is defeating hope. And we live in a world, where trust has totally disappeared.

In that world, there is one group of people.... One group who is ignoring everything and doing their own thing….. That group is known as The Guerillas, with the mysterious masked man as their leader.

Last time they conquered Poppodium Atak and redesigned it as their headquarters and YOU can become part of them…. On the 23th of September the masked man will send a couple of his gangmembers to recruit you all.

It's time to become part of The Guerillas!

Total Damage
23 sep. Koop tickets
€ 12,50
€ 15,00
Servicekosten Atak:
€ 1,50
Deuren open:
23:00 uur
23:00 uur
Saxion Zaal
Hardstyle, Hardcore

Limited early bird tickets on sale: June 12th - 19:00


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